I’ve noticed lately that my son loves music, and even more than that he loves when I dance like an idiot singing in front of him…
I put Blake in his jumper this morning so I could attempt to get some things done around the house. In the background the radio was on and I noticed how much fun Blake was having as I was singing and dancing every time I went by him. Quickly I noticed nothing getting done around the house, but a full on dance party was happening in my kitchen. How could I stop? My son was having a blast, and I was burning some extra calories 🙂 I’d say that’s a win win. In my 15-20min. dance party I probably burned almost 100 extra calories (Dancing Calories Burned by Type – How many Calories does Dancing Burn?, Fitness Blender) What better way to start my sat morning?

Blake in his jumper
“I love jumping and dancing with mommy in my jumper!”

There are so many ways to sneak in a few extra calorie burning activities, even just parking in a farther away parking spot or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. But you can’t beat burning calories and listening to baby giggles at the same time. Happy Saturday morning! Find something extra you can do today to burn a few extra calories, would love to hear your ideas, comment below!