What does it actually mean to be Toppa Tough?

This should not sound intimidating, and the best part is… everyone is, or has the potential to be “Toppa Tough.” Toppa Tough is a motto that was instilled in me at a very young age, and has helped me through many obstacles in my life. I hope to be able to instill the motto in others, to help them realize the potential they have within themselves, and that with a little determination and motivation they can achieve anything. My father, Terry Toppa, the man behind the motto, has lived his life by it. He always tries his hardest, gives his all, never backs down, and never gives up… no matter what. “Toppa Tough” has taken him a long way through many different aspects of his life, including sports, careers, and family. It has helped him persevere through life. Hopefully it will help to do the same for you!

ToppaTough.com focuses on workouts, and how to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Although, it’s important to remember that the Toppa Tough motto is more than just that. It can of course push you through the toughest of workouts, but it can also help with struggles throughout your life. Whenever things get hard in life or during a strenuous workout, I remind myself that I’m Toppa Tough, and that I can and will get through anything. It is so important to stay positive, focused, and to just keep going. You will get the results you are after if you are determined and dedicated. When you want to give up, dig deep and go the extra mile. You have it in you; sometimes it just takes a little willpower to find it. Everyone can be Toppa Tough and achieve the goals and results that they want if they put their mind to it.

Life is a series of choices, and what you decide is going to bring you where you are and where you want to go. So, ask yourself…. “Are you Toppa Tough?” If the answer is yes, then follow along with me on this journey to help reach our fitness and health goals! I am here to help… together, we are all TOPPA TOUGH!