About Me!

Where to begin… I am a fitness and gym junkie, with a small ice cream problem, but more importantly I am a mom and a wife. My family is my world! They drive my motivation for everything in life. I want to live an active and healthy lifestyle to help instill those values in my son.

My love for health and fitness started before I can remember. I was always active, running around playing as a kid. I grew up doing gymnastics, playing softball, running cross-country and track, and was on the rowing team at the University of Rhode Island for one year. Currently, I enjoy playing tennis and my true passion is running. I also love a good butt kicking workout at the gym, which always includes strength training.

With my obvious passion for sports and physical activity, it wasn’t hard to pick my career as a physical education teacher. I received my bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at the University of Rhode Island, and my Master of Science degree at West Virginia University. I taught middle school physical education and adapted physical education for five years, and loved every second of it. With the birth of my first son I realized I wanted to spend more time at home, and figured it was a perfect time to achieve another goal of mine, to get certified as a personal trainer, through ACE. I started personal training in July of 2013. I couldn’t be happier with my career change. I feel as though I now have the ability to reach and help more people to lead active and healthy lifestyles.

I’m fortunate to say that I love my life, my family, and my career. I am here to help others, and hope to one day help you reach your fitness goals and potential, which in turn can help lead to your overall happiness and quality of life. Everyone has it in them to succeed and I am here to help you learn how.

A few of my favorite things to get to know me a little better….

  • The color pink
  • Running
  • Ice cream  (in moderation of course – I’m very normal and just like you, and ice cream is one of my favorite things)
  • Workout clothes and sports stores
  • Country music
  • My brother’s robe that I can’t sleep with out